Sunday, May 29, 2016

Witnessing His "Firsts"

Oh how time flies. In less than a week, my grandson will be six months old! He is now 22 pounds, 26 inches. He's going to be a big boy!

I watch over him during the day while his parents are at work. I don't mind at all, because I witness all his "firsts."

At 23 weeks, he can now do the following:

  • Rolling over on his tummy
  • Sitting up
  • Tolerating solid food
  • Babbling "words"
  • Reaching for his bottle
  • Playing with his rattles and soft toys
  • Enjoys watching short educational video clips
  • Set his sleeping patterns
Here are photos of my adorable grandson on his "|Growth Clock"

One Month

Two Months

Three Months

Four Months

Five Months

Saturday, May 21, 2016

The First Month Photoshoot

It has been a while since I added a new entry to this blog. I have been riding a roller coaster life these past few months. Blogging took the backseat. It was making a living that took up most of my time.

So here I am again, back to writing. Thank God I found time to do so.

Alfonso Miguel, or "Amo" as we fondly call our little grandson is now 21 weeks old. How time flies!

On the day he turned one month, I created a slideshow of his photoshoot. My daughter and her husband had a large tarpoline made with the picture of a clock. It is going to be used for a photoshoot every month until he turns one year old.

Here's the video/slideshow I created using Kizoa

Alfonso Miguel's First Monthsary - Kizoa Video Editor - Movie Maker

Isn't he adorable?

If you have lots of photos you would want to make into a mini-movie to share with friends and family, Kizoa would be the perfect tool to help you with that.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

I am a Grandmother

Exactly one year after I published the very first entry on this blog, I got promoted.
Promoted from mother to grandmother.

My very first grandchild was born on the 6th of December 2105 at 3:30 am. He was named Alfonso Miguel. He arrived two weeks early, weighed 7.59 pounds and measured 20 inches at birth. 

I have been so excited since April, when my daughter Kristine told me she was pregnant. She was worried I would be upset. I could not have been any happier! She's 29, married, has a good paying job, her husband, Adi, is likewise gainfully employed. What was there to be upset about? Blame it on her raging hormones brought about by the pregnancy.

Here is my grandson's first picture:

10 weeks

It was around August when we found out about the baby's gender. My daughter and her husband both wished for a boy and they were indeed blessed with a son!

5 months
In the morning of December 5th, my daughter went in for her usual appointment with her obstetrician. She was told that her cervix is dilated 1 cm, and was given the expectation that she would deliver in 1-2 weeks time. 

Late in the afternoon of that same day, my daughter called me and said, "Mama, I think I'm having a period. There's blood in my underwear and even my shorts are soiled." What did I do? Of course, I panicked! I rushed over to my mom's house where my daughter and her husband was at that time. I brought her some underwear and a pair of leggings. I told my daughter to take a quick shower and get to the hospital the soonest time. I told her, "This is it."

As soon as they got to the hospital, Kristine was wheeled into the delivery room for further examination. She was admitted within an hour. 

In the delivery room of World Citi Medical Center
At around 3:45 am, December 6th, I received a phone call from my son-in-law, Adi. He told me that Kristine delivered a healthy baby boy and that they are both doing fine. 

And so it became official. 

At 3:30 am on December 6, 2015, I BECAME A GRANDMOTHER.

Our little Christmas bundle of joy

My first grandchild was named Alfonso Miguel Ogayon. He was nicknamed "AMO," which stands for the initials of his name. In the Filipino language, "Amo" means "The Boss."

I loved him the moment I knew about him! He is my source of happiness nowadays. Holding him in my arms for the first time was utter bliss!

The very first family picture

As I look at this perfect little boy, I hear myself say, I am a grandmother. I am complete.

Praise and Thanks to the Almighty God that I have lived to see this day.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Why Do I Have to Eat Vegetables?

"Why do I have to eat vegetables? I don't like vegetables."

Here's what I told my child: "Mommy was that way when she was your age, but she did learn to love vegetables and now she is big and strong and pretty. The seeds that make vegetables were sent from heaven and planted here on earth. This is God's Gift to us. Remember, God never gives us anything that would be bad for us. If we have vegetables on the table, it means God loves us and He wants us to enjoy His gift." 

Parents go through this struggle almost everyday. Raising children is a difficult task and teaching them to stick to a healthy diet is a big challenge.

Children's diet preference are influenced by their immediate family, their peers and by television ads. Sweets with empty calories must be kept to a minimum and to show your children the importance of healthy eating, it should start with us - the parents.

Early in a child's life, introduce them to different tastes and textures of food. Sit with them and load your plate up with the things you want them to try. Children are like sponges. They quickly learn by example. You cannot force them to have broccoli or beans if they don't see you having them yourself. This would involve a little acting on your part, like smiling with every spoonful of vegetables you put in your mouth.

If the child is old enough, involve them in preparing and cooking the vegetable dish. Be creative! Use the power of color and whip up a vegetable stir fry that looks delicious. Remember, "half the meal is the eye appeal." Compliment the child during dinner time with statements such as "Mary did a good job in helping me prepare the asparagus," or "John helped me wash the broccoli and carrots." 

Make meal time a happy time!

Have a blessed day!